Asset Madness!

So many great Unity assets, so little time. 🙂

For my next personal challenge, I want to create a procedural dungeon, reskin it, insert a player character that can perform a melee attack, insert one (or more) baddies that also attack, implement a basic inventory system, allow the user to save progress, and have a ‘win game’ condition (even if it is simply just reaching the end of the dungeon).

Here are the assets I will likely be working with:

Dungeon Architect
Eliot AI Framework
Inventory Pro
Game Creator
Invector Shooter Template

Game Design Document (GDD) Template

This is my game design document template. To quote the Rifleman’s Creed, “There are many like it, but this one is mine!” This template should work for most any kind of game on any kind of digital platform.

Approach the template “reductively.” That is, remove the elements that are not pertinent to your concept (e.g., if you are releasing a platform game for mobile, you probably don’t need Xbox One Achievements, etc.).


[Quadratic Games Game Design Document (GDD) Template]