Fixing “Headlight Nostrils” in Adobe Fuse / Mixamo

One of the first things I noticed when importing Adobe Fuse models into my game projects was that all of my characters seemed to have super-bright nostrils. Notice the brightness of the nostrils in my “Jill” model above.

A relatively easy way to repair this is to open up the character’s prefab and locate the body diffuse map (in my project, it was Jill_Body_Diffuse.png). It took me a while to figure out where the nostrils were, but they are above the “head” in the texture map, as indicated in the image below (note the red arrow).

For a quick and dirty fix, open the image in your preferred image editor and darken the nostril areas. The key is to use a soft brush and low opacity, and use multiple passes. I just did one quick pass, and already the results are better.